Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Do you like Horses? come with me" said Hala

Many of the names given to tracts of land here can be traced back to local folklore.
The El-Acil plot was named after the pure bred arab horse which was once traded in this land.
Another plot, Asafah (forehead) was named after a horse with a peculiar-shaped forehead."

" From "The Umm el-Fahem Trail tour",  Ed. UEF Art Gallery"


Mr Said invites me to join the very special gathering. "You are most welcome Mela".
The table, surrounded by Arabs, Palestinians and Israelis. Someone says : I spent two years in Venice.

The work done so far.
Hopefully, this is going to become an option for creativity, exchange, reconciliation, knowledge.
A place where differences rest as such to become value.


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